We are a Husky Rescue & Northern Breed non-profit rescue located in Pennsylvania (PA). There are many people in Saudi Arabia who have misunderstood Islam & think it’s prohibited to have dogs inside the house. They also don’t have the culture to understand that a dog is “family.” Dogs are usually bought because they’re “cute with blue eyes” or “fluffy.” Most of the time people do not realize that this fluffy dog is double coated & needs a colder climate or that this cute dog with blue eyes is a working dog & needs LOT OF exercise! Therefore, once the novelty wears off, these dogs are abandon.  Due to lack of organizations, & since Saudi Arabia has NO shelters AT ALL, rescuers usually struggle with fosters, & funding. It is illegal to raise money for these animals, once they are abandon. The best way to rescue these northern breeds is to send them where they belong, to a more suitable environment. Once they are shipped to the US, they will have a good family who can provide them with a home, love & the care that they deserve. 3 Husketeers Rescue is passionate about saving these Huskies & Northern Breeds. ~~ Aahd Kadiri

Flight Companion

Flight Companion Saudi Arabia to USA

Procedure to take Pets out of Saudi Arabia. Proper formalities & procedures have to be followed. The procedure comprises of several steps including registration, medical test, payment of charges, & other related issues have to be resolved. There is also a need to fulfill documentation requirements before taking pets out of Kingdom.

Flight Companion USA to 3 Husketeers Rescue

Chirs Cazinha, Sergeant First Class and Janelle Cazinha

Markie Mark on the far left

Woody is the red dog

Hoody is the white

Skip aka Bug is the black with white