Available Furbabies



Bo came from a Texas Hoarding Situation where he was 1 of 74 dogs.  He is neutered, UTD with vaccinations. Bo is estimated to be 4.  Bo need's a fenced in yard where he would have enough room to roam around and not get board.  Bo would do best in a home with no small children or small animals.  This boy is incredibly smart and would do great on a farm with a lot of land so he would have that feeling of being free. 



Raymond came from Saudi Arabia.  Ray lived in an air conditioned tree house his entire 4 years of life.  His humans traveled a lot and they wanted a better life for him.  Ray is neutered and UTD with vaccinations. He would be great as an only child or with another dog.  Ray has a sweet soul.  He's not an in your face dog.  He enjoys laying around and being pet.  He is definitely your typical lap dog. 



Charlotte came from a Texas Hoarding Situation where she was 1 of 74 dogs.  Charlotte is estimated to be around 1.  She is UTD with vaccinations.  Charlotte needs a patient human that will show her that humans can be trustworthy. She would need a home with a fenced in yard.  No exceptions!  Charlotte's favorite thing is laying in bed.  She truly appreciates her new life.  She's a true diamond in the ruff. 



Ariel came from Saudi Arabia.  Ariel is an 11 month old, spayed, and UTD with vaccinations. Ariel plays well with other when introduced properly.  Would do best with a male dog or as an only child.  She loves all the attention and requires a lot of exercise.