Barkley lived in Sandusky, Ohio.  He was tied to a swing set, outside, for almost 2 years. The police gave the owner a choice whether to surrender the dog or charges would be filed against them.  Thankfully, they gave their rights up.  Barkley only weighed 23 lbs. Barkley was transported by Tonya Renee Robinson, who also transported Thor.  Barkley has been adopted and now has a brother named, Pugsley. Barkley is finally part of a loving family.


Buzz ~ Rescued 11/13/2017 ~ Adopted 12/7/2017

Aahd Kadiri reached out to members of (This is a closed group and you must join, in order to have access to this page) Aahd's post said that she was coming to the USA from Saudi Arabia in November with 2 Alaskan Malamutes, one named Snowy and the other named Buzz. Aahd was looking for someone to rescue Buzz near JFK. We reached out to Aahd and mentioned that if she was coming to the USA and staying a week, that she was more than welcomed to stay with us for the week. We picked her and her 3 year old son, Noah, up at JFK. Best Decision ever!! 3 Husketeers Rescue takes their fur babies to owed by, Susan Fanok.  Susan fell in love with Buzz IMMEDIATELY and wanted to adopt Buzz. Buzz is now living on 10 acres at Priority Dog. He is the first pup to greet all the pups.  

When I first laid eyes on the little malamute puppy named Buzz, I was mesmerized! He is the happiest, funniest, and oh so entertaining pup I have the honor of loving every day now thanks to amazing Toni and her selfless efforts to bring him into my life! Toni goes above and beyond to save these dogs and bring them to a more fitting climate where they get to play in snow! She has drive and determination and most of all love for every one of them. Toni, you are a wonderful lady and I will forever be grateful to you, thank you!  ~ Susan Fanok 



Faith came from Holmes County, Ohio.  Faith was a breeder dog but never came into heat.  The breeder tagged her like they do with cattle.  When Faith came to us she was just a number, until she met her humans.  That's when she became Faith.  Faith now is part of a family and loving life.  She has a sister named, Maggie.  Faith is now truly understand what it's like to be part of a loving family. 



Jackson was an Owner Surrender because his human had some legal issues he needed to take care of.  Jackson is our Honorary Husky.  We made a post on Facebook that we were looking for an Urgent Foster to Adopt home.  Within minutes, Mr. & Mrs. Mowbray messaged us because they have been looking for a sibling for their girl furbaby, Elsa.  Now Jackson is part of a family of 5 teenager girls, 1 fubaby sibling, with two loving parents that he calls his humans.  



Jasper is a retired cardiac arrest service dog.  He came to us after his human had passed away.  Jasper saved his humans life 4 times.  He was "Willed" to the owners best friend, who in turn, had a stroke and could no longer care for Jasper.  Jasper is now living with his new humans that love him dearly.  He has a sister named, Minnie. 



This little girl was a run away on the streets in Reading, PA. Animal Rescue League picked her up and contacted us for help.  Nova is a spitfire of a husky.  She has an energetic personality and needed an active family.  Nova now lives with 3 very active boys so this was a perfect match.  She lives in Harrisburg and is the center of attention and absolutely loves her new life. 




Rocky lived in a small enclosed area for his entire life.  Rocky's owner wanted him to have a better life so he decided to owner surrender him.  Rocky now lives in Harrisburg and is part of a pack.  His family takes him hiking everyday and he even has a Jacuzzi that he shares with his sister, Joy. 


Siri ~ Rescued 05/18/2018 ~ Adopted 07/26/2018

 Siri was shaved and thrown to the streets of Saudi Arabia.  A Princess saw Siri get hit by a car and took her to the veterinary.  No injuries were reports, thank God.  Siri traveled to the USA with a Flight Companion, Christopher Cazinha, S3 NCOIC. Christopher's assignment was finished in Saudi Arabia. Siri was adopted by Rachel Rich.  Siri has a fur sister, Nala.  Siri and Nala have so much fun together. They love going to daycare and love cuddling with their mom. 

I remember seeing Siri’s picture for the first time on Toni’s Facebook page and my coworker said to me, “Your face hasn’t lit up like that since you saw Nala for the first time.” I agreed with her and immediately reached out to Toni because I had to meet this little girl. I knew her story, but didn’t know her and I wanted to. As soon as I got to Toni’s and laid my eyes on Siri, I knew she was meant to be mine. She was shy and a little nervous, but when she finally got used to me she became the silliest and happiest little girl in the world. All I could think was, “How could anyone ever hurt her?” It made me angry and brought tears to my eyes, but also reassured me that taking her as my own would change her life and mine .. for the better. Siri loves her sister, Nala and my parents four fur babies. She enjoys walks, car rides (with her seat belt of course), getting brushed and cuddles. She fills the missing piece to my heart and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Before you’d see fear in her eyes and now it’s pure happiness. She completes me.  ~ Rachel Rich 



Thor was purchased as a baby on May 13, 2014, from a breeder.  When Thor was around 3, he was kicked out of the house because he ate grandma's recliner.  Thor lived outside with no cover, for over a year. Tonya Renee Robinson reached out to us and asked if we could take Thor into our Rescue.  We said, "Yes!"  Tonya drove from Shiloh, Ohio with Crystal Porter, to Emmaus, Pennsylvania, in one day and wanted nothing in return.   Jerry, Thor's new dad, reached out to us within the first week that Thor was with the Rescue.  When Jerry met Thor he knew instantly that this was the boy for him. The bond these two had, immediately, was beautiful.  Thor now lives with Jerry, Sheri, and their cat, Kawaii.  Kawaii and Thor are curious about each other, but that's about it.  Thor is adopted and living the best life ever! 

3 Husketeers Rescue is, hands down, the most informative, honest, and fun rescue I've had an experience with. The owner is very kind and fun filled. Her three personal huskies, or as she calls them the Rescuers, are a beautiful bunch of animals that help change the lives of many dogs in need of rescue. I rescued a pup named Thor from 3 Husketeers, and from Day 1, I had pure confidence that he was being taken care of completely. She was very thorough with his vet check-ups and post visits, and she was kind enough to offer a multitude of snacks and doggy gifts for Thor. I have had Thor for about a month now, and I would never go to another rescue. I've rescued before and I will only say that it seemed robotic and many things were kept hidden about health issues. I had nothing to worry about with 3 Husketeers, so neither should you. ~ Jerry 



Willow came to us from Holmes County, Ohio.  She was used for breeding and didn't have a name, just a number.  Thor's parents wanted to give her the name of Willow and it fits her personality perfectly.  Willow had no training, whatsoever!  She was terrified of humans.  Slowing she started to come around.  She now lives in Maryland with her brother Solo.  These two are inseparable.  They are boned to the hip 24/7 365.